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The Man From Turkish TV

Today at lunchtime, we made our way to Seyhan Kebap, the little Turkish place in Namba, just across from the Prefectural Gymnasium (where the Sumo tournaments are held in February). It was jam-packed (i.e., two of the three little counters … Continue reading

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“Ain’t no damn buses!”

Arrived at Nagai Station tonight at 11:15. The northbound platform was packed with IAAF officials, judges and Japanese spectators waiting for a train, any train, to take them away. This being a Sunday, the trains don’t run as often. Neither … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Shot-Putters

(Dateline Osaka, 7:15 AM) – Since 6:30 AM, my neighbourhood has been subject to swooping Death-From-Above helicopter formations. Although I can’t from this angle catch a glimpse, there are quite a few of them and they are often right overhead. … Continue reading

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