“Ain’t no damn buses!”

Arrived at Nagai Station tonight at 11:15. The northbound platform was packed with IAAF officials, judges and Japanese spectators waiting for a train, any train, to take them away. This being a Sunday, the trains don’t run as often. Neither do the buses, which only run along the park until 11, and the Osaka City Government has apparently made no concessions for the dozens of totally disoriented, tired, aging, fat, rank-and-file foreign sports officials who have to make their way out of the labyrinthine stadium in the middle of the park and down to the subway (a good half-mile walk, I reckon, in humid 29ºC weather) before the trains stop running.

Two very white, ruddy, obese British officials (I guessed the former from their accents, the latter from their badges) were puffing down the subway steps as I was walking up: “And I asked him where the bloody buses were to take us out of here and he just looked at me blank, like (copies expression of organizer, presumably Japanese)…”

I walk against the crowd. Japanese folks are also heading towards the station, in for a surprise when they arrive at that packed platform (if they can even get on to it at this point). Further down the street, in a disgruntled group, a very big and tall black American guy is on his cell phone: “Yeah, well, we ain’t going to be there for a while ’cause there ain’t no damn buses…”

Two years of planning? Way to go, Osaka! Imagine if they’d gotten the 2008 Olympics, which the IOC mercifully gave to Beijing.

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One Response to “Ain’t no damn buses!”

  1. azumarisan says:

    Yeah, it’s interesting how Japanese organisers only see from an inside point of view. I guess they never sat down and considered it from a foreigners point of view. They should have hired some buses to and from the venue at least.

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