About Nagaijin

Nagaijin has lived in Nagai (長居), a suburb of the city of Osaka, Japan, since late in the last century, more or less. Gaijin (外人) means foreigner. Japanese people find this pun hilarious, others less so. He is originally from Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada. Some people find this hilarious, others less so.

The Japanese pride themselves on their country’s “four distinct seasons”, always forgetting to add that you’ve got to go from one end of the country to the other to experience them. To a Nova Scotian, an Osaka winter is just one long November, and summer is a season in Hell. Spring and autumn are very pleasant indeed, but the Rainy Season is not a season, although it’s unlike all the others. One of Nagaijin’s biggest fears is that this will all make sense to him eventually.

NB: In keeping with the Prime Directive, friends who don’t wish to be mentioned by name in this blog will not be. Mike, for example, will never be mentioned.


9 thoughts on “About Nagaijin

  1. Which Mike’s that? This Mike’s reading your blog from his new home in Delhi India getting very homesick for the life he had in Japan! Might try and get back to the Kansai for TB’s next Golden Week party!

  2. Dear Nagaijin!
    A big thanks for pointing out the Frenchman’s typical spelling mistake!
    I see we seem to share a few hobbies! Will hav to come to visit you often obviously!
    Take good care of yourself!

  3. Hi,

    I saw your blog and since you seem to comment about Nova Scotia I thought you might like to know about http://halifax.infomonkey.net, a new website I’ve started about Halifax.

    The site organizes blog posts by category so local bloggers are easy to find. So you can put a post about Japan, for example, into a section of the site and when a user clicks to read it your blog page opens in a new window.

    I hope you will take a look.

    Ted Sutcliffe

  4. Hi!
    Stopping by your blog. I have only visited Nova Scotia just once…so cannot really comment if that fact is amusing or not…. Another “nagajin” living in the Tokai region near Mt Fuji… Cheers!

  5. Hey Colin! Meri Kurisumasu! Just catching up on your blog. Glad to see the new format. I am swearing to get my own going in 2009. Hopefully, it will include a visit to see you. Email me, I had several return. Heading to Halifax anytime soon?

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