… or, A Must To Avoid

Nagaijin will never knowingly use the following words or phrases in his blog:

rant, random thoughts, ramblings, musings (eeeuw!), my take on {topic}, two words: {insert two words here}, or screed (used unironically). They are now such clichés in the blog world that they don’t really express anything at all. Nagaijin describes what he sees or has experienced, and occasionally writes what he thinks about them. More often than not, though, he tries to respect his readers’ intelligence and lets them draw their own conclusions.

Nagaijin will quote excerpts from time to time, but will never be so crass as to upload an entire article verbatim to bore his readers with. Hyperlinks have been around for a very, very long time, and posters who don’t use them merely want to disguise how little original material or how few original opinions they have.

Nagaijin is neither a propagandist nor a baiter, and has no time for those who are. With those two notable exceptions, though, all comment is welcome and encouraged. Longed for, even.

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