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I wish someone had told me this 20 years ago

“Cartooning is for people who can’t quite draw and can’t quite write. You combine the two half-talents and come up with a career.“ – Matt Groening, in a NY Times Magazine interview, July 22nd, 2007 Instead, I stapled a few … Continue reading

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The Last Laugh in Osaka

Free tickets are a wonderful custom in Japan and one I’ve never understood. A sizable percentage of the people you see at galleries and movie theatres are there because some organization (their company, a club, school) gave them the ticket. … Continue reading

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Osaka Firsts 1: The Smell of Cut Grass

Cool post-typhoon evening: great night for a walk around the park with the iPod. Nagai Park is usually full of joggers, walkers, rollerbladers, skateboarders, wheelchair racers, shogi-players and increasingly less-furtively smoking teenagers at 9PM, but what struck me tonight was … Continue reading

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One Lousy Syllable

We got on the subject of subtitles Saturday night (as you do after a few beers). Americans and (English) Canadians generally have an aversion to anything dubbed or subtitled which, although they’ll never know it, is their loss. For the … Continue reading

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5:50 AM: As For the Radio’s Volume, Lower it, Please

An insomniac writes: On Saturday morning, I was untimely ripped from a rare deep and peaceful sleep sometime before quarter to six – by what might have been the Japanese National Anthem as NHK Radio went on the air. Then … Continue reading

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Real Fun in a Fake Pub

On Friday night, I met up with my neighbour (Yumi on her driver’s licence, Yun to her friends) and we went to a local izakaya (pub? tavern? there’s no real translation) to catch up, eat cheap food, and drink beer … Continue reading

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