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It Takes Two to Tango…

(…from Amagasaki to Buenos Aires) (This originally appeared as an article in the August, 2011, issue of Kansai Scene) From August 16th-30th, the city of Buenos Aires will host its 8th annual International World Cup of Tango. Representing Asia in … Continue reading

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Forgotten, but not gone

As I walked past a classroom this morning, on the way to my own, I immediately noticed the t-shirt worn by a girl of about 19. Peach-coloured short sleeves, framing the full-coloured, giant-sized, head-shot photograph of a young man – … Continue reading

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Pinku (ピンク)

Just when you think Osaka is going to remain cold and damp and gray-skied and concrete-coloured forever, spring suddenly arrives. Mind you, it’s been a bit reluctant this year (and I have the cold to prove it), but here and … Continue reading

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Drive-by Proofreading

This morning I was running late. The subway train pulled into Umeda Station and I made a dash up the stairs. No time for my usual slug of coffee before work at Tully’s, Starbucks’ poor relation, in Chayamachi. As I … Continue reading

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Nagaijin’s Dubious Achievement of 2007

It was my final Saturday lesson of the year. It was your standard unit – a tape of two people talking; listening comprehension questions; play again; pair check; class check; study of idioms; pair discussion on the topic. The tape … Continue reading

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