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It Takes Two to Tango…

(…from Amagasaki to Buenos Aires) (This originally appeared as an article in the August, 2011, issue of Kansai Scene) From August 16th-30th, the city of Buenos Aires will host its 8th annual International World Cup of Tango. Representing Asia in … Continue reading

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Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, 2010

For the fourth of fifth sixth time, I joined some friends at the Danjiri Matsuri in Kishiwada. The brother of one of my friends lives on a side street just around the corner from where his neighbourhood’s danjiri passes by … Continue reading

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Last month, while the cherry blossoms were still blooming in Osaka, Dave, Tom, John and I met for dinner at Chindonya, an izakaya (pub) in Nagai, my neighbourhood. I enjoy a get-together like this, partly because the food and atmosphere … Continue reading

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The Little Nabé That Could

My rice cooker died of old age last year. I got it secondhand ten years ago from a Japanese guy who was probably given it by his mother when she bought a new one of her own some time before … Continue reading

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A 60s bridge, the feeling of the 60s which ended when I was seven came back in all its cold steel starkness the minimalist stairs you could see below them the trucks zooming under you 20 feet 30 feet 40 … Continue reading

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Scenes From the Generation Gap in Osaka, 2010

Last Friday afternoon, the first teaching day of the year, I was sitting around chatting  with a few students about New Year Resolutions. I told them I’d decided to finally read War and Peace. Student A: One Piece? Me: No, … Continue reading

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Annual Health Check, 2009

One Saturday night in November, a few of us went to Spa World, a sort of hot-spring resort in downtown Osaka.  While there, I weighed myself and realized to my shock that I weighed more than I had ever weighed … Continue reading

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