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“You are white devil. I am God.”

JR Tennoji Station is known for its eccentrics. Many of them are either overliquored or undermedicated, but they are – for the most part – harmless. A reasonably well-dressed man in his late-50s, toothless, laughing happily to himself (or at … Continue reading

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“A bad turn of some sort”

I was sitting on a JR Loop Line express train yesterday afternoon, en route to a private lesson in the sticks. My iPod was playing “C’est la Vie”, the weekly CBC Radio program about French Canada (sadly, thirty minutes a … Continue reading

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All is Forgiven, Mr Yunioshi…?

Monday evening, I did something I rarely do – I turned on the TV. As much as I used to watch Japanese television when I first arrived here, I eventually found that the more I understood, the less I enjoyed … Continue reading

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