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At about 7:30 last night, I put on the iPod and went for a long, meandering walk (11,207 steps). It’s dark in Osaka by then, and the heat lets up a degree or two after sunset. After strolling through Nagai … Continue reading

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Food Manga

Coming back from work on Monday night, I got off at Nagai Station and found my bicycle (parked out behind the exit, where no one is supposed to park but everybody does). In the basket were some books, small paperbacks. … Continue reading

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A Little Family Outing in Osaka

Resting my eyes from typing, I look from the 10th storey window onto Midosuji Avenue. I hear a booming racket, and, sure enough, a nationalist van is coming down the street. They’ve gotten smaller lately – this is a shiny … Continue reading

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