Pump up the Volumes (Kansai Scene, May 2008)

Imagine: you’re at a large bookstore in Osaka one afternoon, browsing titles. The selection is heavy on coffee table books on ikebana, long-dead Japanese authors in dated translation, and the usual Grishams and Clancys. Then something catches your eye ミ something new! You pick it up with interest, then drop it like hot oden when you see the price. You march out indignantly, and on the subway ride home, you see a grown man in a suit and tie, reading a giant comic book called Shonen Jump. Japan, you conclude, is a reader’s dead-end street. (read more here).

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2 Responses to Pump up the Volumes (Kansai Scene, May 2008)

  1. Brandon says:

    If you’re buying books in JAPANESE, your selection size increases, and the price DECREASES.

  2. nagaijin says:

    Yeah, exactly. That’s the point of the article.

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