Who Wears Short Shorts (in Osaka)?

… well, recently men do. Anyone who’s new to Japan would not notice it at all, but If you’ve lived here any time, you know that this is a fashion revolution of Napoleonic proportions – after all, it’s only May, and the temperature is only in the high 20s Celsius during the day. Japanese men wear shorts from July 1st to August 31st, after which they wear corduroys or other autumn trousers (even though it’s still 30 degrees in September here). That is all. I think it’s in the constitution somewhere. Perhaps the unusual heat wave last year, which saw some men wearing clam diggers into early October, screwed everyone up. Some TV star must have been seen wearing shorts in a fan magazine and started a boom – these things don’t just happen spontaneously

Next thing you know, people will start swimming in June, and all hell will break loose!

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3 Responses to Who Wears Short Shorts (in Osaka)?

  1. tornadoes28 says:

    It’s the same as only turning on the AC on a certain date and no sooner even if there is an early heat wave.

  2. azumarisan says:

    What are “clam diggers”?

  3. nagaijin says:

    Clam diggers are three-quarter length pants, the kind that go down to only mid-calf. I’m dating myself by calling them clam diggers, but I like the word.

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