Hypocrisy in a Bottle

Another reason not to drink bottled water: Volvic, which taps water from a spring in France (does this make it French tap water?), puts it in PETE bottles, ships it to Japan and markets it as pure and healthy (hence worth $1.50 per half-litre bottle), has introduced flavoured pure healthy water. “Volvic Fruit Kiss Lemon”. This little bit of double-think jumped out at me yesterday from the shelves of a Lawson in Umeda.

To add insult to injury I noted some familiar kanji in one corner of the label – our old friend mukajuu 無果汁, literally “no juice”. In other words, artificial flavouring. In spring water. Imported. From France.

I was under the impression that Volvic’s selling point was that it didn’t contain additives. I haven’t asked anyone here what they think of this. I expect to get an answer similar to the one a student gave me when I pointed out that his health drink contained nicotine: “Oh, but it’s the good nicotine.” (Incidentally, in a country renowned for it’s citrus fruits, what is this fixation with chemical lemons?) If Bigfoot wore charcoal snowshoes, his carbon footprint wouldn’t be bigger than a bottle of this crap. Do the world a favour and drink something else.

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2 Responses to Hypocrisy in a Bottle

  1. azumarisan says:

    I’m sure Japan has some lovely spring water, it’s such a shame they have to import it!

    I don’t know about you but i hate the flavoured water…i mean it’s the reason why water is water, there is no flavour! If you don’t like it, drink a juice…i can’t stand that wishy washy taste of water with flavour.

  2. josiehenley says:

    I agree totally, I’ve just blogged against the Volvic 14-day total marketing ploy and your blog popped up as related. Glad there are others not buying into this crap.

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