18 Up

“I love this country. I love it just because I don’t belong. Because I’m not involved in its traditions, not born under the curse of its history. I feel free here. I’m on my own. Life will be what I make of it.”

Christopher Isherwood, in his diary, March 31st, 1940; quoted by Donald Richie in The Japan Journals.

I don’t know if I would still wholeheartedly agree with the above, but there was a time when I certainly would have. And it definitely struck a chord when I read it again, this evening, eighteen years to the day I arrived at Itami Airport, to the all-pervading smell of dashi.

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2 Responses to 18 Up

  1. Brandon says:

    I guess I would agree with it. I came to Japan looking for something different. Looking for freedom from my old life, and the overbearingness of my family. I was also happy to escape bad memories. Adding to the fact that I don’t have the same sense of guilt and obligation that most Japanese do, I think I have the ability to live much more freely compared to them and relatively to my former life in the US.

  2. azumarisan says:

    Yes, i do envy the gaijin who has no ties to Japan. As for me, i’m free to do what i want but when i go back home, my in-laws will wear the consequences.

    Yes, you’re right, you have the ultimate freedom. God how i envy you!!! 🙂

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