Kinmokusei Redux!

As rhapsodized here at length last year, it’s finally cool enough for the kinmokusei shrubs to be in bloom again and all is well with the world (or at least the Osaka section of it).

kinmokusei2thumb.jpg Japanese kids say they smell like toilet freshener, to the despair of their elders (myself included, I guess). On the other hand, as one kid told me, that’s not to say they don’t smell nice. I guess it’s just the olfactory equivalent of declaring a beautiful natural view to be as “pretty as a picture.”

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5 Responses to Kinmokusei Redux!

  1. azumarisan says:

    That looks like a really pretty flower. How big do they usually grow?

    Also the picture on your blog header, what plant is that? It looks really pretty. 🙂

  2. nagaijin says:

    Kimokusei are tiny : about 1 cm, if that, but they’re in clusters, like lilacs. They’re tucked behind the leaves at first, so you smell them before you see them.
    The present header is a gingko tree (ginnan in Japanese). By November, the white fruit dry up to nuts, which fall from the tree and stink up the city. They’re very tasty,though – a traditional winter snack.

  3. pastilla says:

    They grow in huge stands in Boulder, Colorado, too, of all places!

  4. azumarisan says:

    Wow, amazing…:)

  5. Johanna says:

    Ah, so that’s the namne of that flower. It smells sooo good. At first I didn’t understand what the smell was. Wonderful.

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