Unwrapping a Building

A very overcast Tuesday in the middle of a sporadic Rainy Season (tsuyu 梅雨 – literally plum rain: as if on cue, big bags of the little green sour plums used to make plum wine appeared in the shops last week) . Looking from my balcony towards Abiko, I could only see buildings up to about four blocks away. The foggy white background brought to my notice some building surrounded by scaffolding and wrapped from top to bottom in translucent tarpaulin. I could see the shadows of backlit workers walking around various levels of the scaffolding, like the opening number of some off-Broadway musical. Construction sites are always wrapped like this here – I pass several every day. The big curtain goes up around a lot or a field or (more often than not) an old building, and some months later, like a David Copperfield trick, a new office or set of apartments is unveiled. So anonymous are most buildings in Osaka that while the construction is going on, you tend to forget what used to be there a few short months (or days) previously. As for the one seen from my balcony, I can’t tell yet whether they’re putting it up or tearing it down; whatever was there before made no impression on me.

I can just imagine the thoughts of the Japanese tourists who arrived in Berlin the day Christo wrapped the ReichstagOh, darn, we missed it. I wonder when the new one will be ready.

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2 Responses to Unwrapping a Building

  1. davidderrick says:

    Here is my new Ikeda post. I hope referring to you as an “Osaka blogger” is OK!

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