Bicycle Lane, Yotsubashisuji, Namba


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4 Responses to Bicycle Lane, Yotsubashisuji, Namba

  1. Trouserpress says:

    Actually, I know two churches in Namba. One is above the Turkish restaurant, opposite the Prefectural Gym, ie, down the street from that McDs and the other is on the same street at Asiyana, but at the OCAT end ,,, and I just thought of a third one on the street between Yotsubashi and MaxValu. Why do I know these places?

  2. nagaijin says:

    “Why do I know these places?”
    Heretofore untapped zeal?
    Actually, I did think of a few of those places, but the woman specifically said Catholic, and there’s nothing like that around Namba.

  3. nagaijin says:

    I think we’re commenting on the wrong post, btw.

  4. Trouserpress says:

    Yup, I’m pretty sure I’m commenting on the wrong post too.

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