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Bicycle Safety (part 2 of an indifferently maintained series)

I read in the paper the other day that in Osaka, it might soon be legal to ride your bike on the sidewalk (at 5km/hr). This genuinely surprised me, for the simple fact that I didn’t even know it was … Continue reading

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Your Own Personal Sneeze

1996 or ’97 – We were waiting in line to see the Lautrecs at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Some of them were not only original prints, but the original paintings, on cardboard. Two women of a certain age … Continue reading

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The 7th Deadly Sin (with lemon scone)

A crisp, sunny Monday. This being my day off, and all my chores done (i.e., laundry hung out), I wander around Abenobashi, through some charming, old, condemned streets (mindless urban renewal has, sadly, yet to be discredited in Osaka). I … Continue reading

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Homeless Postscript – Safety First

Some pictures (click here) – what few I could take – of the remains of the homeless camp at Nagai Park. The big sign is a notice of construction, which must be posted at any construction site. The dates are … Continue reading

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Homeless For Real

The homeless colony in Nagai Park, near where I live, was dismantled on Monday morning, at around 9am. It took a couple dozen cops to haul them away and knock down their blue tarp shelters, the communal table, clotheslines, etc. … Continue reading

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Haven’t Been There, Haven’t Done That

It amazes me sometimes just how much people who are on a short stay in Japan manage to actually see and do. After 17 years, off and on, I am no longer just a visitor here (the government and many … Continue reading

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