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Pickpocket (掏摸)

Progress comes to Osaka: a new teacher at my school has had his pocket picked. Apparently some kid came up to him and started being friendly in English, the old “where you from?” bit, and while the rube teacher talked … Continue reading

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Orwell’s Blog, 1943 – 1945

Round about rainy season in 1991, I happened upon a small clearance sale of foreign-language (i.e., English) books at the then-scandalously overpriced (pre-Amazon) Kinokuniya bookstore in Umeda. None of the novels really caught my eye (can’t imagine what they were … Continue reading

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Osaka iPod Ricochet Derby

Yesterday, during my brief walk from Tennoji subway station through JR Tennoji station to my workplace, no fewer than three people bounced off of me. One was a woman frantically typing a text message on her cellphone (携帯, keitai), and … Continue reading

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The Imazatosuji Line (今里筋線)

Two Sundays ago, I rode Osaka’s most recently-opened (Christmas Eve!) subway line, the Imazatosuji. It takes some pressure off the massive Midosuji Line (the busiest in the world, according to Guinness), links the drab, sad little midtown Sennichimae Line to … Continue reading

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5:46 AM

On January 17th, 1995, I lived three blocks away from where I do now (I’ve lived many places in the meantime, but never mind that). The Nagai area is at the very bottom of Osaka City, a short bicycle ride … Continue reading

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On Sunday the 7th, I caught a 6:30 AM Air Canada flight out of Halifax. Three flights, five movies, three repulsive meals (one of which was a stale Subway™ sandwich for which I paid $5), 13 time zones, and about … Continue reading

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