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December 20th, 1946

One of my favourite pieces by George Orwell was written just before Christmas, 1946. Britain wasn’t in very good shape at that point, and neither was the rest of Europe. In a time when there was very little to celebrate … Continue reading

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Health Check

Japanese companies are obliged to provide their employees with an annual health check, and clinics exist which do nothing else but provide that service. Several of my American colleagues refused to go, fearing that they’d be sent home if anything … Continue reading

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This is a Beautification Enforcement Area

So no ugly stuff, OK?

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December 6th, 1917

At 9:05 a.m., December 6th, 1917, two ships collided in the Narrows of Halifax Harbour. One was a munitions ship, which caught fire, blew up (disintegrated, in fact), sent a mushroom cloud a mile into the air, caused a tsunami, … Continue reading

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