Walk a Crooked Mile (I)

Late last week, the summer humidity finally broke, and the weather in Osaka became tolerable again. I no longer have to turn on the air conditioner the minute I step into my apartment. Of course, I still keep a fan on to keep the air moving, but evenings are now cool enough that I can sleep with the windows open and not feel like I’m drowning in Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup. It also means that I can resume my evening walks.

For twelve years, I used the same Walkman Discman Mitsubishi Personal CD Player until it unceremoniously died, without a sound, one evening in May. When I bought it in 1994, I was amazed at the lightness of the thing. Twelve years and 2 centuries of technology later, the headphone jack cut in and out, and the CD would skip if I tried walking with the player in my jacket pocket. Near the end, I was carrying it vertically in front of me, and I felt like I was running an egg-and-spoon race with a brick (or I was one of those old ladies with a blind, bald, three-legged chihuahua propped in the basket of her bicycle; a Walkman Discman Mitsubishi Personal CD Player smells better, though ).

I mention all this just so you know that I’m not one to run out and buy every new gadget that hits the market, and my buying an iPod Nano in June was not a jump-on-the-bandwagon decision. I needed it. I discovered podcasts one day after buying it, and spent many happy evenings during the World Cup walking around neighbourhoods in Osaka listening to pot-bellied British sports writers slagging off Beckham and Co. By mid-July, though, even walking at night became intolerable, and I settled in to build up my fat for the winter. I’ve been far too successful. It’s time to start exploring again.

If it ever stops raining.

(To be continued)

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