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Kissaten 喫茶店

Just over five years years ago, a Starbucks opened in Namba, near Takashimaya Department Store. It might have been the first one in Osaka. News also made the rounds of a very large one in Hommachi, near the Hard Rock … Continue reading

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September 27th, 1989

” K has been auditioning for his film, including a woman who had put down among her special accomplishments ‘Flirting with Japanese men.’ Had this been a joke it would almost certainly have got her the job, but it turns … Continue reading

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Sink With Heart and With Passion

Message on a t-shirt, worn by a young man outside Wakayama station yesterday.

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Today is a national holiday in Japan, Autumnal Equinox Day (秋分の日). How to celebrate, other than not go to work (although that suits me fine) and anticipate the cooler weather? In the Japanese countryside, folks believe that the spirits of … Continue reading

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The Other End of the Telescope

It is now perfectly ordinary – almost part of the routine – for people to start up weblogs the minute they visit or move to a new place. One of the not un-nifty things about a WordPress blog is the … Continue reading

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Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri 2006

Large portable shrines on wheels are raced through the streets of Kishiwada for two days every year at this time, one of the most famous harvest festivals in Japan. There were probably not any casualties this year, which is remarkable: … Continue reading

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Bicycle Safety – the Front Line Against Terrorism

My right brake cable snapped the other day while I was skidding to a stop at the Nagai intersection. I haven’t had the time to go get it fixed, and riding to and from the station with a loose cable … Continue reading

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